Monday, October 12, 2015

Festivals Special only on

This time of the year is indeed an absolutely great time for the Indian consumers. Every brand, every retailer brings in with full swing its best marketing strategy, best offers and promotions, to lure the Indian consumers. This, as the Indian marketers say, is the golden month of expenditures that the consumers are ready to incur on goods and services. The festive season is a season when people shed all their apprehensions of shopping and take out as much money as they could.

Since the shopping time has just come with the first navratra slated tomorrow, it is immensely imperative that we tell you some fun facts about the festive season and inform you as to what’s new with the organic retailers in India. 

  1. Navratri is celebrated three times a year and has five different names. Ashwina Navratri, Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri, which is also known as Maha Navratri (Great Navratri).
  2. Another Hindu legend states that Navratri is celebrated to mark the nine-day long fight between Lord Ram and his enemy Ravana.

More than these facts, people all over the country believe that the Navratri are a significant epitome of victory of good over evil, divine over asura and good intentions over bad intentions.

For people all over celebrate through fasting, buying idols of Shakti, preparing meals for young girls on Ashtami and give them gifts that range from red odhni to eatables, from money to lunchboxes, etc.

Coming back to todays age, we will be extremely delighted to bring to you a great platform where you can shop pure commodities as pure as your devotion and dedication for the goddess Shakti.

Here is a list of absolute must buys this Navratri-   

1. Suji, Chole, Atta, Ghee, Sugar, Dry Fruits, Ilaichi, Oil, Rice, Saffron, Coconut powder, garam masala and chana masala,  to make those yummilicious, absolutely impossible to resist for any health freak, halwa poori and chana. Pure organic food is amazingly delicious and at the same time signifies the purity of love and devotion towards the goddess.

2. Organic snacks for the guests that come over to your house after a long while to celebrate the festivities.

3. Organic beauty packs and beauty kits to make you look like a princess this garba night.

4. For those who fast during the Navratri, Juices and health drinks, organic nuts, seeds and dry fruits

5. And for those kids who have their mothers as fasting, cook for yourself some ready to eat organic dal makhani and chole.

6. Gift combos are a perfect goodies to stock for guests 

Great headstart to a greater festive season is the key to unlocking happiness for yourself, your family and your friends and relatives. Choose the right items, from the biggest promotion of this festive season- Festivals Special

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