Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tea Tales

No matter how much you try developing taste for coffee or no matter how much you just looove coffee, you just can’t stay away from a steamingly hot cup of tea while it rains and you pick up your favorite book to read and there is no one home. I am transported to the time when while at my grandmas place, we used to enjoy some tea times together at around 4-5 pm in the evening with some matthi and other home-made snacks with cousins and relatives and what a time it was. 

Over long gossip sessions, I still remember, I along with my besties used to sit for long hours and share school trivia back when I was a teenager. Those were the golden days of 1990s, the perfect time of modernization and innocence blended together. Tea has always been there, just right there, ignored yet resorted at every occasion. A couple of days ago, while some browsing pastime I saw an article that explained that those who are tea lovers are always bold, full of conviction, and are the kind of people who follow their dreams, beliefs and reasons till the last. Not stubborn, but proud carriers of immense conviction, enigmatic… What a narration. I can probably relate it to the philosophy that tea has always been the mid-meal-drink in India since ancient times and those who still uphold and stick to it are basically those who still believe in it.

But long ago, when tea was originally termed more as a medicinal and ayurvedic benefit drink, it was in its purest form. The tea gardens were like visual treat for awestruck admirers. The clear blue sky, sunny but soothing with fresh, pleasantly cold wind caressing your hair while you stand in the middle of aromatic, incredibly green tea estate, just brings in a feeling of fresh breeze to me.

Tea, known for its health invigorating properties, is ideally best to be kept organic, in its purest form, as must be consumed conventionally. For a passionate tea lover, it is easy to identify the quality of the tea leaves. While I was at the Biofach, Nuremberg last year, the biggest convention for organics, I was struck by the kind of teas that we are today offered by different, passionate tea growers from across the world. The Indian beverage has managed homage largely in US and UK. They have now started tea-mixing which is the next best thing for the lovers. There are innumerable flavors of tea, some as weird as cherry infused Sakura Allure, Chocolate tea, Fruta Bomba Green Tea, Tomato Mint, Carot Curry, and thousands of other combinations that you might have never thought about your daily cup of tea. 

Organic Tea would be a perfect choice for those looking for something exotic, yet not as weird as the flavors mentioned above. We Indians like tea in its own original form, authentically made, for which we are really specific about. Today, Organic Green Tea is something that is really very popular and has crossed even Iced Tea in terms of a fun drink to order in any restaurant. 

As I flip through the pages of my favorite book, sitting on the couch outside after a fresh rain, I see my cup with some lingering drop of tea barely left in it. I think some days are just too nostalgic and you end up enjoying your cup of hot tea way too much.

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