Saturday, September 24, 2016

Controversial truths about female sexuality

Female sexuality is an intriguing subject; often as deep at the core as superficial it may seem at the front. Though both men and women have either only little or partial knowledge about the development and functioning of female sexuality.

Men view female sexuality as more tied to body and many women do not even know what it is actually tied to! Scientifically speaking, female sexuality is tied more to psychology than to biology – it is more psychology of sex than biology of sex and sexuality at work in bedrooms.

These variable points of view on female sexuality give rise to many myths, some unknown truths, some unfounded ones and even many controversial ones. Listed below are 3 interesting but controversial ones.

1. Sex makes women fall in love
Precisely not sex, but orgasm! You might try anything on earth to impress upon a woman – taking her on a luxury trip, giving her expensive gifts, giving her loads of compliments a day or even telling her every hour of the day how much you love her; all this might just end up in vain if the orgasm that you give her is not a mind-blowing one.

That is the ultimate celestial experience for a woman, after love so to say, and she may or may not express it. However controversy you find in this truth, it will stay a truth. It will be only too naive of you to make yourself believe otherwise. You have greater chances of strengthening your bond of love with a woman if her sexual encounter with you is satisfying.

Some women walk an extra mile for their partners to make this encounter accomplishing one by using time-tested sexual enhancers, which are known to give them powerful orgasms by improving vaginal stimulation and rigidity.

2. Most women do not have an orgasm
To be precise, 75 percent women do not have an orgasm. In many cases it is not that they can’t have it, it is that they are not educated enough to know how to have it. Orgasms are of two types – vaginal and clitoral. Intercourse is expected to lead to a vaginal orgasm, but most men cannot retain as stiff an erection as is needed for the same. Since erectile dysfunction is seen as one major cause for this, this is why most men prefer regular use of herbal stamina supplements which not only lead to harder erections but also overcome premature ejaculation.

3. Submissiveness is what women like
This is very controversial. This could be a truth or this could not even be a truth. Bedroom is not a battlefield that you have to show your prowess, your dominance to the other side. This also doesn’t mean that women, given the way society has brought them up, would look to play a submissive role. Healthy relationship needs a synchrony and the onus lies on both men and women to establish it.
But yes, some studies have shown that some women prefer being submissive as part of their fantasies; they want to be led than lead. When that is so, the onus lies clearly on the men to help them fulfil this submissiveness.

Apart from having a fantasy for the same, the need to be submissive can also come from being away from sex for prolonged period of time. In order to have a healthy sexual relationship and pleasure with partner, some women prefer to start with being submissive while taking help from vagina revitalizing products

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