Monday, August 25, 2014

Pura Stainless Steel Sipper with XL Spout Orange

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Package Content: 1 bottle, 1 Sillicone Travel Cover, 1 XL Sillicone Spout
Material: 100 % Stainless Steel Phthalate Free, BPA Free, Medical Grade Silicone
Product Weight: 181.4 Gms
Stainless Steel Baby Bottles
Stainless Steel Baby Sippy Cups

PURA Kiki stainless steel bottles are a safe, environmentally conscious choice for your baby. Being 100% plastic free, Kiki toddler bottle is compatible with a wide range of nipples and spouts so your baby does not have to get used to a new system every time. 

This unique bottle grows with the baby and once the baby has outgrown the sipper stage, the bottle can then be used as a storage container with a silicone sealing disk attachment.

Some of the Key Features of the Pura Kiki Bottle include:

• Winner of 12 industry awards. Number one feeding system in America

• Internal volume markings to measure milk or other beverage .

• Wide neck to make cleaning easy . No need for boiling .

• Pura Kiki converts into an infant bottle by changing the spout out for a nipple and vice versa.

• Each bottle can take a nipple /spout of several other brands including Avent, Pigeon, Mam, BornFree, ThinkBaby to name a few.

• Molded from a single stainless steel body making it easy to clean.

• Each 11oz bottle comes with a Silicone Spout or Nipple and a Silicone Travel Cap.

• 11oz Silicone sleeves, sealing disks and XL spouts can be purchased separately.

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