Monday, September 1, 2014

BumChum Reusable Diaper with Two Inserts - Smart Alec

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Price: Rs899.00
Package Content: 1 waterproof Diaper + 2 Inserts
Recommended Age Group : 0-2 years
Material: Cotton, Polyester
Product Weight (After package) : 150 gms
BumChum Fitted, commonly known as the All-In-One pocket diaper is perfectly suited for day to day use. All BumChum Modern Cloth diapers has 3 rows of snaps that can adjust the size, hence each diaper fits babies from birth to 16 kgs of weight . The Diapers also come with hip Snaps to adjust the leg elastic that will contain any leaks.

The top cover is made from a breathable, waterproof TPU fabric which is leak proof and the diaper is lined with micro fleece that wick away moisture keeping the baby's skin dry at all times. The diaper comes with two micro fibre inserts that hold moisture as good as a disposable diaper. Each diaper can hold up-to 2-3 hours without leaking.

Furthermore these diapers are available in fun and cute prints making these a great piece of clothing on your little ones at home, especially in the summers. Because of their ease of use, these diapers are the most common alternative to disposable diapers worldwide. Each diaper is sold with 2 separate inserts which can be used together , or sequentially."
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