Month of December brings happiness to all, either its Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Santa Claus or Soothing winter breeze, we all have a reason to smile in December. And with the same frame of mind organic shop has now found a way to make all his customers Happy. Organic shop is now launching The Organic Loot day on 18th of December 2014.
We asked many people for their reasons of not buying the Organic products and most of them came up with the same answer – ITS HIGH PRICE! Hence Organic shop decided to remove this last obstacle also from reaching us to our valuable customers. Exclusively for you we are launching our Organic Loot on 18th of December 2014, the greatest 1 day sale on organics only at organic . This is the day when you can find all your favourite organic brands and products at the rock- bottom price.
We give you More than 70 brands and 7000 SKUs, but if that’s not enough for you than we are here offering you all certified organics starting at just Rs 16. Sounds impossible?  Yes it was, but only for you we are bringing –
  • Up to 58% off on health & Wellness products Starting at rupees 128 only.
  • Up to 47% off on Beauty Products starting at rupees 40 only.
  • You want one we will give you ten reasons to gear up your sex life as it is up to 43% off on fanciable organic sexual products  starting at just rupees 137.
  • Up to 43% off on Organic Food , Fitness products and home & gardening organic products, starting from just rupees 15, 128 and 75 respectively.
  • More than 40% off on Organic clothing lines including organic Lingerie starting at just rupees 99 which  we guarantee no website has ever offered before .
Only on that particular day (18th December 2014) you are going to find our exclusive family combos, a wholesome package in a nutshell that contains all the necessary items one needs for a family, and without surfing here and there you can find it all in a box. Just click and shop.
But it’s not all about shopping and also about winning. Only on 18th December while shopping you can win the exclusivegift cards worth Rs 1000. So the more you shop the luckier you get.
Its only cheap in price not in quality:Morarka, Rustic Art, Organic India, Omved, Sattvik Organics, and many other  certified top organic brands are here under one roof.
Our purpose of  Organic loot is not to empty our vessels to make space for the new  shiny products but to fulfil the oath of bringing people closer to the green world and  enlighten them about the goodness of nature.
It’s a once In a lifetime opportunity, don’t miss it.  Start the bumper shopping now, Get Healthy Beautiful and Strong organic style. Join the organic euphoria and enjoy your Organic LOOT , coming 18th December 2014.
It's Now or Never