“Conventionals sell more.” “Organics are for a niche segment of the society.” “WE DO NOT KNOW WHERE ORGANICS ARE SOLD.” “We doubt if these are truly organics.” – These are common statements we often hear when we are asked why there are less of organics being consumed.
The truth is that it all boils down to the price differences.
Just like the results come with their set of hard work, the goodness of organics surely come with their set of costs. But how much is that cost anyway? Let us examine. The average cost of a premium conventional shampoo is Rs 300 for 350 ml. So here is the revelation – A Sattvik WHO-GMP Certified ISO 9001:2008 shampoo costs Rs 200 for Rs 199. And we can vouch on this that the Sattvik shampoo would anyday be better than any high valued premium shampoo.
You are not convinced right? Let’s examine again. A Bru coffee – 500 grams costs Rs 330. Bru is a really good brand. Nescafe Gold 100 gms bottle costs Rs 600. Here is again the reality check – A premium, Organic Coffee- Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Grounded Coffee Powder costs Rs 500 per 250 gms. Today on The Organic Loot, it will be cut down by 41%, which clearly shows how the price difference myth is debunked right here. Yirgacheffe coffee comes from Southern Ethiopia, and is one of the best coffees in the world.
There are around 7000 such products that are available at organicshop.in, from almost 70 national and international brands. Similar in comparison, premium from the most premium ones. It is just the way how you look at it. Organics are charging you of the quality that they bring in. Conventionals charge you of the brand value that they have created, but not something that is 100% assured of the quality. What is it that you will pay for is completely your call. The brand value or the quality? The big question remains that even if The Organic Loot is for one day and has slashed down its prices to upto 58% on all the products that are available, would customers be able to see through the value that they are trying to bring in for people to atleast try the organics once.
The Organic Loot is brought in to debunk the myth of high cost and high price for organics that generally people presume. It is for those who are somehow not able to make that big switch to organics giving in to the price wars that conventionals play upon. This one day sale on 18th December at organicshop.in is the answer that organics have tried to give to the prices of conventionals, which is the best that the organics can ever offer. Rock bottom prices of the best quality of the product. The questions still remains, will the customer be able to see the value? We will have to wait for a day to come back to this.