Thursday, October 6, 2016

5 Office food problems and how to avoid them

A couple of health scenarios that may seem relevant to you:
  1. “Why do I feel short of breath after ascending the office on the second floor?”
  2. “Why do I suffer from regular headaches on returning from the office?”
These certainly are disturbing and what is more so is that you haven’t been able to find out their answers.

Probably, you are either uninformed about them or not able to diagnose the root cause. You may not agree but the main culprit for these problems is your diet plan at the office. You are diligent with your daily workout, but on reaching the office you tend to get fascinated by the foodstuff served there. Mostly ordered from outside.

You feel that you can burn out the calories consumed therein the next day by running more miles or by hitting a gym, but you are mistaken.  The daily workout doesn’t give you the credit to munch upon any foodstuff. A successful drill goes hand-in-hand with your diet plan.

We tell you about the 5 office snacks that are robbing you of health and how to replace them with a more nutritious alternative:

Fried Snacks

Apart from being loaded with high calories, it places you at a high risk of cancer due to the toxins present in cooking oil. Sitting the whole day at your office desk and enjoying those ‘samosas’ gives you a big belly, bloating of the abdomen and high risk of heart disease. Still, you gobble them down with relish.

Are you not concerned about your health? If yes, then go for a healthy snack. Carry an apple or a bowl of salad to munch on whenever you feel hungry. You get all the essential nutrients without gaining weight or bloated abdomen. If getting apples everyday is a problem, apple walnut chutney can come handy.

Your daily cup of tea and coffee may keep you awake and mentally alert for long hours but there is also a dark side to it. High amounts of caffeine in these beverages places you at high risk of anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, diabetes and weak bones.
A better alternative is to sip 2-3 cups of green tea without sugar that will help in natural detoxification, boost your metabolism and memory and keep a check on your cholesterol and glucose levels.

Fat, sugar, flour and eggs are the basic constituents of all cookies. The fat is usually saturated fat like butter or trans-fat like vegetable oil, both not favourable for your heart. Sugar used is mainly the artificial sweetener and the flour is obtained from processed wheat devoid of all nutrition and bleached with harmful chemicals.

Choose to have a bowl of whole grain cereals like musli. It is a mixture of corn flakes, wheat flakes and oats, and is an excellent source of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibre.


That cheese dropping from pizza crust may be lip-licking but increases your cholesterol levels. And your poor heart pays the brunt of it.

Why not replace it with healthy vegetable sandwiches prepared from whole wheat bread? It gives you the goodness of both whole grain and veggies, satisfies your hunger and keeps your heart healthy.

Cheese Burger

Another culprit that robs you of a healthy heart due to high amounts of cheese in it. All your weight management also goes waste.

A bowl of sprouts or steamed corn will give you the necessary fill free from trans- fat, carcinogens and other toxins. All the more, they are easy to prepare and carry to the workplace.

Choosing your office food wisely leads you to a happy, healthy life. And more productive hours!

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