Saturday, October 8, 2016

What about having an organic kitchen?

Do you know what is missing in your favourite kitchen? The shelves have all the ingredients – flour, spices, rice, onions, garlic, cooking oil, pulses, fruits and veggies.

What is missing is the purity of these ingredients that is taking a toll on your health. You might have bought them from your reliable grocery store but you can’t keep manufacturers away from making adulteration or toxic metals and pesticides being part of these ingredients.

Purity and health can only be ensured by an organic variety of all ingredients. Let us understand the differences and benefits of organic variety of all kitchen ingredients one by one.

Organic flour is one that is obtained from organic wheat. Organic wheat is free from all irradiation, synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and not genetically modified. The flour obtained from such wheat gives lighter dough than conventional flour and is loaded with valuable nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Do you know what you are consuming when using spices for cooking? Turmeric, coriander powder, cumin powder, pepper and salt are all loaded with sawdust, lead oxide, talc, mineral oil and artificial colours.

Some of these adulterants are poisonous while others can lead to liver disease, heart disease, joint pains and even cancer.

Buying an organic variety gives you freedom from these harmful effects, enhances the flavour of your dishes and administers the complete health benefits of the spices. For example, turmeric is known to help in joint inflammation, maintaining cardiovascular health and a strong digestive system. These would be missing with non-organic spices. And that could be one reason why the turmeric that you are storing now isn’t exactly the way grandma’s have been telling do work.

The organic variety of rice is free from the toxic effects of arsenic. Arsenic is one of the components of pesticides used in the cultivation of conventional rice. Arsenic is a highly toxic metal and can lead to lung, skin or bladder cancer.

Garlic grown in conventional farms will bring synthetic pesticides and fertilisers along.  This is not so with garlic cultivated on organic farms and also imparts complete health benefits of garlic like protection from cold, digestive problems, diabetes and hypertension.

Although onions bring tears to everyone’s eye but they also aid in relieving respiratory problems, chest pain, cough and cold. These benefits are ensured only in an organic breed.

Fruits and vegetables

Organic species of fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and devoid of harmful pesticides like organophosphorus compounds. These compounds have been implicated in causing developmental disorders like autism in children. Fruits and vegetables cultivated in organic farms have a better taste and ensure a healthy heart and immune system.

Don’t be misled by the shiny pulses at your grocery store. All the pulses are adulterated with sand, marble chips, stones, filth, khesari dal and coal tar that have a proven danger of causing paralysis and cancer. On the other hand, the organic pulses are not shiny but are free from adulterants and pesticides giving you complete nutrition.

When you don’t know these differences, you may well be, and unknowingly so, serving traces of toxins on the plate? To know the difference in what you have been eating and what you will, trying an organic kitchen for a month isn’t that bad idea at all. You have nothing to lose, you have health to gain.

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