Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Surprising Uses of Used Organic Tea- Bags for Home Improvement

A used tea- bag usually meets the fate of landing into your dustbin as it is no longer of use after the tea is made but you may want to think about this again. The used organic tea- bags can be of several uses even after it has been used to brew the tea.

We help you understand its essential role as a tool for home improvement below-

Protects against Fungal infection in the Garden

The used tea bags can be re-brewed in water and this can be used to water the plant which helps prevent fungal infection in plants. It is also excellent manure for the plants.

Clean Rugs & Carpets

Leave the used tea- bags to dry till they are slightly moist and not completely dry. Sprinkle the loose tea over the carpet or rug and leave them to dry completely. Later vacuum them to clean the rug or the carpet.

Deodorizes the Refrigerator

Used tea bags are an excellent way to stash away the stinky odor from your refrigerator and will leave it smelling fresh. The refrigerator could leave the stink if it’s lying unused for a while and is switched off. The used tea bags can be kept in a container and placed in the refrigerator when it’s not in use.

Degreases Dirty Dishes

It is an effective agent that can be used to degrease dirty dishes. Tannins in the tea cut through grease effectively and it also acts as a deodorizer. In warm water add the used tea leaves and soak the dirty utensils in it. Let them soak overnight, the next morning they can be cleaned with using a scrubber too.

An Effective Air Freshener

Tea can be used to neutralize household odors and it also has anti- bacterial properties which make it a good air freshener. Used tea leaves can be put out to dry completely and then you can add few drops of essential oils of your choice. This can be hanged anywhere in the house be it kitchen, living area or bathroom.

Antioxidant Bath

Tea is a great antioxidant and bathing with it is good for your skin. Variants like Jasmine tea or Chamomile tea could also be used as they have a light fragrant and help in relieving stress.  The tea leave can be soaked in water or tied to the faucet so the water could run through it.

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