Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Organic Loot On Rustic Art Massage Oil

Friends,  now that winter has come, it is very obvious that you have to keep extra precautions for everything, specially your daily beauty routine. Just making slight changes  in your beauty regiment like using special winter creams, daily night massage, hot oil hair massage etc. definitely creates a visible difference.  But as they say
Simply watering the plant is not enough, to get a rose you have to nourish the plant like one.  Which brings us to our next Divine product that is a must for the winters.

Rustic Art Divine massage oil-
Rustic Art Divine Massage Oil is an age old Ayurvedic formula. It is also called 'Sarva Roga Nivarani' or the 'Master Oil. It is useful for respiratory congestion, cramps, swelling, body pain, sprains, paralytic disorders, hypertension, rheumatic disorders, insomnia, and facial paralysis. It can be safely applied on nose, throat and back if suffering from cold. It is completely handmade and has no side effect.

Usage – Mix 1 spoonful of the massage oil with 5 spoonfuls of olive oil or any other oil/lotion that suits your skin, apply it on your dry or loose skin and massage in back and forth.
The good part about this massage oil is that unless you have an excessive oily skin you can apply it on your face and body both. Just with one application you will be seeing the visible difference. If you had a dry skin than your skin I believe will stop looking like a bad clapped-up Indian roads and will turn into a smooth European highway.

For those who have really loose skin , again I will say, only with one application you will feel tightening of your skin, it has started getting healthier  plumier and shinier  than before.
Why to shop from Organic Shop/ What is Organic Loot on Rustic art divine massage oil?
As people say, to shop is human but to shop online is divine, there is no doubt to confirm this divinity by buying the divine massage oil online.  Organic shop where every product is just a click away from you, is now launching Organic Loot on 18th December where it is giving a discount of 20% on the massage oil where the maximum discount on products are up to 58%  with gift cards worth Rs 1000 and many more... So hui na ye organic Loot!

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