Wednesday, September 21, 2016

6 DIY Organic Remedies to Hide the Grey’s

A dreaded nightmare for anyone who has crossed the age group of 35 and above is the natural graying of hair. Though a natural phenomena of age, genetics and other factors in the play which attribute to the process yet it can be a source of constant stress for a large number of both women and men.
A major shift in the mindset of people to switch to healthier natural options available to deal with the problem has popularized the use of organic products which are safer and a reliable alternative compared to chemical based cosmetics hugely advertised.

Try some of these organic remedies at home to naturally hide those greys and also add sheen to your hair-
  1. Use of henna as a natural hair dyeing agent has been the most popular one. It naturally colors your hair without damaging and also nourishes the roots of the hair.
  2. Having Vitamin- rich food also reflects not only on your skin but also hair. Including foods rich in Vitamins B & E in your daily diet helps prevent premature graying of hair. The organic supplements for these vitamins can also be incorporated in your daily diet in case you are not able to take a balanced diet.
  3. Regular consumption of Indian gooseberry or amla juice also helps nourish, strengthens the hair and add sheen to the hair. It checks the premature graying of hair and when mixed with heena hair pack it adds a glossy black color to the hair.
  4. The benefits of hot hair oil massage are beyond contested. It not only nourished the scalp but also repairs the hair cuticles against dryness and dullness. Regular massaging of the scalp with almond oil will reap long term benefits for the hair.
  5. Black tea remedy is effective in imparting its color to the grey’s. Regular use of black tea bags will eventually impart its color to the grey hair along with nourishing them and making them dense and lively.
  6. Eating oats on a regular basis also is a sure shot remedy to cure the problem of grey hair. Oats are loaded with biotin which is responsible to give deep black color to the hair naturally. To make a hair pack with oats, mash oats and mix almond oil in it. Apply this hair mask on the scalp to arrest the problem of grey hair.
Incorporating these simple do it yourself home remedies for your hair on a regular basis will go a long way in checking the problem of premature graying of hair caused due to air pollution, stress, lack of balanced diet and others.

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