Thursday, September 22, 2016

Foods That Should Be the Core of Your Diet During Pregnancy

A whole new phase of your life also brings in a whole new range of challenges for you where you have to consciously take into account all that you eat, forming a very crucial part of this phase. A rich and healthy diet is extremely vital during pregnancy.

The importance of a good diet during pregnancy has been an important component as per a number of studies done on the matter. It found that women with poor diets before pregnancy are more likely to give birth prematurely than women who have healthy diets.

Following are some of the foods that are essential for both mother and her baby during pregnancy.
  1. Milk & Dairy Products
Milk and other dairy products are an essential component of the diet for a pregnant woman. It takes care of Calcium, phosphorous, protein and Vitamin B-12 needs of the body. These nutrients are essential for the baby’s development of teeth, bones, muscles and heart.
  1. Nuts
A range of essential nuts like almonds, raisins, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios among a combination of others. They supply a variety of nutrients like Vitamin E and minerals like copper, magnesium, selenium, zinc, calcium, potassium and manganese which are essential for a baby’s development and the pregnant woman.
  1. Lentils and Beans
A range of lentils and beans like black beans, kidney beans, soy beans are essentials of the diet since they are rich in proteins and fibers and are a good source of calcium, iron, zinc and folate.
  1. Poultry, Fish & Lean meats
Pregnant women require more iron than other women. Poultry, fish, eggs and lamp are some of the best sources of iron. Eggs are rich in proteins, omega-3 which is important for the baby’s development of retina, memory functions and brains. Fish contains proteins, omega-3, Vitamin-D and minerals.
  1. Fruits & Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers and provide major nutrients like Vitamin A,B,C& K, potassium folic acid, beta carotene and zinc. The vegetables to be included should be green leafy vegetables, carrots, capsicum, beetroot, and Indian gooseberry among others.
  1. Whole Grains
They make up for a balanced diet among pregnant women. They are highly fibrous, provide vital nutrients like Vitamin B & E, carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
  1. Water
The importance of water can never be neglected as it is a base for healthy toxin- free body. It aids digestion, blood circulations and becomes a carrier of transporting essential minerals and vitamins to the blood cells which reach the baby through the placenta.

Eating a healthy diet in moderation will help the pregnant woman maintain a balance in diet and keep her active and the baby healthy.

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