Saturday, October 1, 2016

What Makes Organic Fabrics Eco- Friendly?

The latest trends in the fashion industry are all about sustainable clothing and their demand growing substantially in the global market. Organic clothing besides environment friendly can also be stylish and are most sought after choice for people now-a-days in clothing.

The global awareness about health and hygiene are on the rise as there are number of cases of people experiencing health infections and problems like allergies, rashes, chemical sensitivities, respiratory disorders among others. The increasing cases of health risks for both adults and children have been growing at an alarming rate which makes them vulnerable to fight these health problems and thereby a growing demand for alternate options like organic food, clothing and furnishing has been on the rise.

There are several convincing reasons to make a switch over to Organic or Green lifestyle and bring about a healthier lifestyle change-
  • Organic fibers do not require use of any pesticides or chemicals to grow, they are naturally disease- resistant, keeping the environment safe from chemical hazards and helping the soil retain its fertility for longer.
  • Organic fibers biodegrade naturally over time whereas conventionally made fibers when they degrade they leave out large amount of toxins.
  • Organic fibers protect against allergies being safe for the skin and the fabrics are breathable and soft on the skin. They also allow the fabric to retain moisture.
  • Organic fibers have been a revolution to protect the environment by conserving water, the chemicals that are usually found in the cultivation of conventional fabrics do not reach the groundwater or contaminate the natural resources which eventually are consumed by humans and animals.
  • Organic farming has been instrumental in not only generating employment opportunities for the farmers who cultivate organic goods but has been a healthy development for their family as well who work in the fields.
  • Genetically Modified seeds are not a part of organic cultivation.
The market for ethical organic clothing is on the rise across USA, Europe, Oceania and other potential markets which are gradually on a rise as people are becoming more aware of their health and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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