Thursday, November 10, 2016

Carry Your Natural DIY Mouth Freshener Anywhere

A foul breath is an instant put off and calls for an extraordinary precaution to check with your oral health just in case of something ugly pops up. We all become a little edgy when it comes to our oral health and look out for the best ways to do it.

This usual problem can be the cause of increase in odor- causing bacteria build up in the mouth because of decrease of saliva in the mouth or due to some problems related to the stomach which show up through foul odor or could also be the cause of having eaten raw onions, garlic or foods that have a pungent smell, enough to let the odor rolling.

This problem of bad breath can only be checked with good brushing regime or using of good mouth freshener which can be easily made by you, one of your do-it-yourself natural mouth freshener which can be easily made with your regular kitchen ingredients. Here we have listed a few daily ingredients with which you could prepare your own mouth freshener and carry it anytime and anywhere with you.

You will require the following ingredients for it-

With its intense aroma, it is very effective in fighting bad odor and eliminating it. It also aids digestions and relieves of problems like bloating.

Another popular ingredient in mouth fresheners, it is effective against anti-bacterial build up in the mouth.

Roasted coriander seeds impart a nutty, deep and intense flavor to the mouth freshener which is why it is found as a basic ingredient in most mouth fresheners.

They have strong anti-microbial properties and is also a good antioxidant that help both heal and fight infections of the mouth.

It fights the oral bacterial and stimulates the digestive system. It is also a natural food preservative, therefore it will also help increase the shelf life of the natural mouth freshener.

Melon Seeds
They come with a sweet nutty flavor and are good for digestion process.

Sugar as per your taste can be added to add to the sweetness of the mouth freshener but instead of regular sugar you could chose the alternate as brown sugar which is healthier than white sugar.
Dry roast the coriander seeds, melon seeds and fennel, add cinnamon powder, cloves, cardamom seeds, brown sugar. Mix all the ingredients well. To garnish it you use, sugar candy and desiccated coconut as per your taste.  This is an inexpensive and handy recipe to prepare your own mouth freshener at home with readily available ingredients from your kitchen.

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