Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Foods That Battle The Risk Of Diabetes Amongst Children

The alarming rate at which Type II or lifestyle diabetes amongst kids is fast catching up across the world has become a cause of concern. The Type II diabetes prevalence amongst children is attributed to the worldwide growing trends of sedentary lifestyle and junk foods forming a crucial part of diet.

India has the highest number of adult diabetes cases with over 20 million population affected by it and the case of children is fast catching on with over 70,000 reported with Type I below the age of 15 and 40,000 with Type II below the age of 15 years with an increase of 5 per cent each year. The sedentary lifestyle with regular munching on junk foods has increased the risk of obesity in children, making them more vulnerable to diabetes.  This scenario calls for a greater awareness amongst both the children and their guardians about the future health risks from the disease.

Type II diabetes can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle regime, food habits and regular physical activity.  We attempt to list a few do’s and don’ts that will help your children keep diabetes at bay and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Include Spices

It’s not the food alone but also the spices that can put us to diabetic risk as they also play a crucial role in lowering blood sugar level. They also are excellent antioxidants that prevent tissue damage and inflammation caused due to high blood sugar. Children with diabetes are also found to be at higher risk of blood pressure which could lead to cardiac problems in the long run. The most beneficial spices to go along with in this case are cinnamon and cloves.

Brown Rice Instead of White Rice

Whole grains are more advisable over processed carbohydrates as they are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins intact in them than processed foods. It is found that replacing the daily serving of white rice with brown rice lowers the risk of diabetes by 16% also brown rice is effective in controlling blood sugar levels.

Vinegar Before Meals

After several researches in the field it was proven that if ordinary vinegar if taken before a meal, it helps control the blood sugar as the blood sugar level substantially reduces and also prevents the risk of diabetes right at its onset.

Dark Chocolates 

Researchers delving into the subject have shown that dark chocolates improve insulin sensitivities and prevent Type II diabetes. Significantly they also reduce bad cholesterol and regulate the blood pressure to normal leading to improved blood functioning.

Since children love chocolates, it would be a good idea to give them this often and get them to stay healthy!

Citrus Fruits 

Children ailing from diabetes are known to have lower levels of Vitamin C in their bodies, which is essential, as they are great antioxidants too. It is low fat, filling, fibrous with ample nutrients in them, required for the body.

All these little efforts will go a long way in checking the risk of diabetes in your children at a tender age and let them live a healthy holistic life.

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