Saturday, November 5, 2016

Strengthen Your Teeth & Gums Naturally

‘You are what you eat’, when it comes to our health our body mirrors the state of your health and reflect back to us what is it we need to do next or fix next. In the overall health paradigm we might give a miss to the health of our teeth and gums usually on the pretext that they look just fine until trouble brews up with them.

Oral health is equally important to our overall healthy well being. We guide you with the natural foods you can incorporate in your diet to help ward off gum and oral cavities or problems.

Foods those are high in water content 

Eating foods that have high water content are naturally abrasive as they scrub and clean the teeth of any remains or plaque. Foods like cucumber, watermelons, strawberries, kiwis, celery and water itself at good intervals should be incorporated.

Foods high in Calcium & Phosphorous

Consuming foods rich in calcium and phosphorous will help keep your teeth strong. The foods that fall in this category of foods with high calcium content are milk, yogurt, almonds , seafood. While foods like fish, eggs, tofu, pumpkin seeds, spinach, green leafy vegetables, brazil nuts are foods with higher phosphorous content in them.

Foods rich in Vitamin D & C

Vitamin C is good for gums as it is not susceptible to bacteria. Fruits and vegetables like oranges, mango, lemon, strawberry, kiwis and others should be included. While foods rich in Vitamin D help the body absorbs calcium.

Apart from alternating foods in these food groups one must also maintain a good oral care regime which involves flossing the teeth regularly, brushing atleast twice a day, getting a dental checkup at regular intervals of any cavities and other dental problems. All these efforts will go a long way in maintaining a sound oral health.

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