Saturday, November 5, 2016

Review Of Organic Tea

Kickstarting your day with a cup of hot tea is a usual affair with most of us. For those who cannot go without a cup of tea in the morning would certainly agree that it’s the first thing they have in the morning to literally wake up.

Since we all wish to make healthier and smarter choices with our food intake- Organic Tea is also a hands up in that direction. The organic tea now a day’s come in various refreshing flavours and a variety to choose from be it classic Darjeeling tea to tulsi tea or even lemon, rose, ginger, masala, hibiscus, cardamom to green tea make up a wide range of popular tea’s.

Priced nominally between Rs. 70 to upto Rs. 300 for a pack, additionally they are also offered in different flavours clubbed together to give you a varied choice and range to choose from and are fairly priced.

When it’s organic you would not have to try too hard to understand what is it that you eventually consuming.
  1. You are keeping at bay the pesticides intake that is more likely to be always used in the conventional methods of cultivating crops.
  2. The rich nutrients from the soil are absorbed by the crop being grown on them which is essential in managing the health of the crop
  3. The crop retains its essential goodness of nutrients which are preserved for our final consumption and benefitting our health.
Some claim that organic products are expensive as compared to the regular products which are readily available in the market in a wider range. But yet again when it comes to your health and well-being in the long- run what is it that you would prefer?

Organic tea has myriad benefits of consuming it. With rich flavours like tulsi, ginger, lemon and green tea, not only do they help detox the body and provide immunity to fight against regular infections/ allergies like flu, cold and cough but also helps replenish the body and in some instances also helps relieve the stress.

My experience of including the organic tea in my daily routine has certainly helped me remain active with a variety of choices in the offing for me. It’s lighter on the stomach, refreshing for the body which adds vitality to my routine and good for the gut.

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